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Microsoft, Public Utility Board, Singapore Business Federation, Singapore Tax Academy, SkillsFuture Singapore. See more
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Our Pedigree

  • We are the pioneer for eLearning in Asia, having started in 2004 with an EFMD accredited online MBA program from some of the top universities in the world. Since 2008, we have been the authorised distributor for eCornell, which is the eLearning arm of the Ivy League Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Through more than 10 years involvement in global state-of-the art eLearning platforms, we developed the capability to set up, run and manage learning management systems (LMSs), in particular Moodle.

  • Our Customers

  • Singapore Water Academy, Public Utilities Board – Genashtim was awarded the tender for the development of Phase 2 eLearning courseware for training. This project consists of three different courses.

    Singapore Business Federation (SBF) – Genashtim was contracted by SBF to put together the Profession Conversion Programme – Southeast Asia Ready Talents, which has 19 online modules and 2 classroom-based modules. This is running on Moodle and is funded by Workforce Singapore (WSG). SBF is the apex chamber for the Singapore business community, with approximately 24,000 member companies.

    SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) & Workforce Singapore (WSG) – Genashtim was awarded a project by SSG and WSG to convert their on-boarding training material for new employees into eLearning.

    Microsoft Southeast Asia – Genashtim was commissioned to set up a web-portal called M-Powered to encourage at-risk youth to be interested in computer science. M-Powered contains job portals, mentoring modules, online training programmes, and is integrated with various stakeholders including universities and government ministries. The portal has been launched in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and currently has more than 200,000 users.

    Singapore Tax Academy – Genashtim was contracted to convert STA’s classroom-based training manuals (mostly in PDF format) into eLearning courseware. The courseware consists of 9 modules related to income tax.

    MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation Centre) – Genashtim designed and implemented a Training Management System for MaGIC to manage all its training programs for all its employees including classroom-based courses, curated online courses and its own online courses. These videos show how this platform, which runs on Moodle, works.

    Weflex Consulting – Genashtim has developed the Management Assessment Software for Weflex Consulting and has been managing the implementation of this system for two consecutive years.

  • Collaborative eLearning

  • Our specialisation is in collaborative eLearning, unlike 99% of the static eLearning which is in the market today. Learners join a small class of international learners from around the world, guided by an instructor. The instructor ensures that each and every learner not only acquires the learning, but also demonstrates the ability to apply the learning in real-life situations. This contextualisation, internalisation and personalisation of learning ensures a profound Return on Investment (ROI). More details.

  • Social Impact

  • Our mother company, Genashtim, was set up in 2008, to leverage technology and the internet to connect marginalised communities to the Global Economy. Over more than 10 years, Genashtim has hired, trained and provided employment for more than 200 PWD in more than 10 countries. Operating entirely on the cloud, everyone in Genashtim was trained online, and works from the comfort, safety and convenience of their home.

    In March 2018, 90% of Genashtim’s 70 employees were PWD. Since then, Genashtim has started to hire Middle Eastern refugees who were stranded in Indonesia. Today, among Genashtim’s almost 100 employees, 55% are PWD, 25% are refugees, and 5% are seniors (aged 60 to 70). We have been trying to work with ex-convicts, lepers, the HIV-infected, and women in oppressed environments.

    Since being certified a B Corp at the end of 2015, Genashtim is proud to be named “Best-for-the-World” among B Corps for 4 consecutive years. Genashtim is also recognised as a Social Impact business, with awards from UNESCAP, The Nippon Foundation, the ESSL Foundation in Europe, The Young Presidents Organization, and others.

    In July 26, 2018, Genashtim was the winner of two awards for Brands for Good – Champion for Diversity and Inclusiveness, and Honouree for Corporate Giving. In July 2019, Genashtim was published in 6 newspapers around the world – Colombia, France, Belgium, Morocco, and the Straits Times. This 1-minute video is about the social impact aspects of Genashtim.